France, Millau

France, Millau

We try to make students travel together. Way before the course starts, we will contact everyone so that we can save time and money when we travel.
You should arrive the day before latest at 17.00. This will allow us to discuss the minimum before the next day of jumping.

We start in Croatia (the area of ​​the city of Vrsar) on the 120 m bridge. We will give you a specific place of organized accommodation just before the course itself. Usually we stop very close to the bridge where we can easily discuss jumps and pack equipment. We stay on the Istria peninsula for 5-6 days depending on the weather and the number of jumps.


How to get?
- preferably a car that is very useful during the jumps
- by plane to the Marco Polo Airport near Vecnecije or Pula Airport (only in summer), rent a car

Then we move about 550 km. to Italy in the area of ​​the very well-known town of Arco. There we we jump from high and overhanging Mt. Brento (~ 1250 m.). We will spend another 5-6 days here. On the spot we also organize sleeping so that everything takes place without much movement around.

Remember that the plan may change depending on the weather, group, skills, learning speed etc.
We reserve the right to change it as well as refuse to continue teaching you. The most important for us is ours and your safety. In the absence of weather it is possible to complete the course on a different date.

Some comments:

  • take cash with you (euro)
  • get ready for intense and exhausting training

BASE jumping is a very dangerous and extreme sport. Even if you do everything in accordance with the instructions and you have extensive experience, there is a chance of accident and death. Even if your equipment is functional, properly assembled and properly used, there is still the possibility of its incorrect operation. Nothing can give you 100% security. During the course, the instructor will give the best information on what he knows and need to do BASE jumps.

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