What can you expect from us?

  • small groups
    we do not take a large number of people, which ensures focus on each individual - up to 2-3 people per instructor
  • intensive course
    start preparing at home mentally and physically - the course is very demanding in both cases
  • video and photos
    everything we will record and photograph you will be able to take with you
  • support before and after the course
    if you have questions before or after the course, we will not leave you unanswered
  • experience
    nowhere in Poland (and often abroad) you will find more experienced instructors

This is not FJC (first jump course)

Our course is not a FJC course, which prepares you only for the first BASE jump.
We focus on teaching comprehensive knowledge about BASE jumping, which will allow you to jump from each object after completing the course. Therefore, be prepared for intense training. Below you will find some information what will be discussed and trained. You will probably learn much more ...




  • PCA
  • Jumping with a PC in hand (Hand held)
  • Jumping with PC in BOC (Stowed)
  • Static line
  • Multi-ways
  • Night jumps
  • Landing in the designated place
  • Avoiding a collision with an object
  • Unpacked jumps (roll-over, TARD)
  • Different packing techniques
  • Technical information about the equipment
  • Weather
  • Jumping in high mountains
  • Tracking (terminal / subterminal)
  • Group jumps
  • Running exits
  • Evaluation of the object
  • Consolidation of the information
BASE jumping is a very dangerous and extreme sport. Even if you do everything in accordance with the instructions and you have extensive experience, there is a chance of accident and death. Even if your equipment is functional, properly assembled and properly used, there is still the possibility of its incorrect operation. Nothing can give you 100% security. During the course, the instructor will give the best information on what he knows and need to do BASE jumps.
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