Below is a list of things that are the minimum to think seriously about the BASE course and safely continue jumping. It is advisable to have more jumps - the more you will have, the safer you will go through the course.
Read the information below carefully and do not lose our and your time.

  • 300 jumps from the plane
  • Helmet
  • Protectors (knees, elbows, back - you can choose what you want to protect)
  • Good mountain boots with ankle protection
  • Packing clasps
  • Own at least one BASE equipment
  • PC - 36 ", 38", 42 ", 46"
  • Tracking suit - only classic
  • Mobile telephone operating in Europe
  • Be sure to train packing -> video.
  • Insurance
  • Przestudiuj „Great book of BASE" at least twice
  • Przeczytaj „BASE Fatality List" - you can learn a lot from it
  • Jump your track suit at least 20 times from the plane
  • If you have the opportunity - jump a few times from the balloon
  • External hard disk for jumping materials


Below are a few things and skills that can be useful during jumps and which are worth taking with you.

  • first aid kit
  • experience in the mountains
  • paragliding experience
  • jumping from balloons / helicopters
  • jump log book
  • loops, ripstop etc.
  • clothes for the mountains
  • light rain jacket
  • folded water bottle
BASE jumping is a very dangerous and extreme sport. Even if you do everything in accordance with the instructions and you have extensive experience, there is a chance of accident and death. Even if your equipment is functional, properly assembled and properly used, there is still the possibility of its incorrect operation. Nothing can give you 100% security. During the course, the instructor will give the best information on what he knows and need to do BASE jumps.
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