Tracking is a basic and one of the most important skills needed to jump BASE in high mountains. It is also the best way to safely move to wingsuiting.
It allows you to move away from the object from which we jump to safely open the parachute.

Our school requires at least 300 jumps from a plane, which is a large number compared to other schools. This is due to your and our security, as well as the advanced course we offer. Do not waste jumping from the plane and focus on tracking. Also use each jump to train the landing in the designated place. Often our landings are not as friendly as the dropzone one.

We try to check students before joining the course, first of all their ability to track from the plane. If you are not from Poland would be great if you have someone who can vouch for your skills or you can prove them via video. 

You can arrange an appointment Piotr Bereda for training jumps from a plane in Poland.

If you want to develop your BASE tracking skills, there is also the possibility in Switzerland (Lauterbrunnen) or Italy (Mt Brento). Contact Olek, who also runs courses Sausage Fest by Squirrel.

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